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Introducing the DroneDeploy Academy

July 2, 2019

DroneDeploy helps organizations across the world gain incredible insights and transform the way they do business using drones equipped with industry-leading technology. Drones offer incredible flexibility and power but can seem like a daunting challenge to master, requiring training that’s far more extensive than just reading a basic instruction manual.

DroneDeploy is proud to introduce the DroneDeploy Academy, a comprehensive training program focused on learning the basics of drone operations and how drones can benefit your business. Placing expert advice directly at your fingertips, DroneDeploy Academy was created by drone professionals and experts in the fundamentals of DroneDeploy, and their respective industries.

Users will quickly become drone experts by learning the fundamentals of how to capture quality data, process data to generate business insights, and understand how to analyze maps and models.

Here’s what users can expect from the Academy:


Master the Fundamentals

DroneDeploy Academy will teach users how to Pilot, Process, and Analyze information within DroneDeploy by progressing through three, increasing challenging levels. Guided by DroneDeploy experts, you’ll learn practical, first-hand skills that directly apply to your business.

The fundamentals courses consist of three levels:

  • Level 1 courses enable users to get started right away with a DroneDeploy bachelor’s degree in Piloting, Processing, and Analysis.
  • Level 2 courses expand upon your existing knowledge with a DroneDeploy master’s degree by learning how to make successful maps, leverage high accuracy tools like ground control points (GCPs), and analysis changes across your site.
  • Level 3 courses are meant for users looking to become DroneDeploy experts. DroneDeploy Academy’s highest level of training teaches you how to tackle challenging flights, how DroneDeploy’s Map Engine works, and how DroneDeploy leverages AI to automate business insights.

Product Webinars & Live Trainings

In addition to the comprehensive fundamentals program, DroneDeploy Academy includes regular updates on new DroneDeploy products and training opportunities. DroneDeploy’s product team can help users learn about recent releases, stay up to date through detailed product updates, and will field DroneDeploy questions. Live webinars also present an opportunity for additional training on new DroneDeploy features.

Industry Certifications

DroneDeploy is used by many businesses throughout the world and is currently having a significant impact in the Agricultural and Construction industries. Academy Industry certifications extend your knowledge by offering additional training to earn industry certifications in these fields through two specific programs:

  • Using Drones in Agriculture, which teaches techniques to put your drone to work to improve farming efficiency year-round in your fields.
  • Using Drones in Construction, which teaches how to begin using drones on your job site to improve communication and increase safety.

Become a DroneDeploy Expert

Whether you’re brand new to drones or a seasoned pro, DroneDeploy Academy extends the knowledge needed to get the most out of DroneDeploy. To master the fundamentals app apply that knowledge directly to your business, enroll in the DroneDeploy Academy training program today, free for all DroneDeploy customers.

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