Drone Mapping for Mining and Quarries

Use aerial data to increase efficiency and accuracy of stockpile management, inspections, and excavation while keeping your team safe and compliant

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Stockpile Inventory Management

Make planning and fulfillment decisions with more accurate, timely information to avoid waste and recognize revenue faster

  • Measure stockpiles more often for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods
  • One easy-to-use, audit-friendly hub for all stockpile volume measurements
  • Report the total quantity and value of materials on site
  • Export all drone data easily to your system of record

Everyone should be using drones for stockpile analysis. It’s miles ahead of standard surveying.

Mine Planning and Excavation

Reduce downtime by reporting progress and efficiently managing logistics  

  • Visualize and compare site conditions to plan to estimate production or measure blast efficiency
  • Track progress of excavations to update your team and maintain production schedule
  • Visualize and measure routes to plan more efficient hauling logistics
Mine Planning and Excavation

Safety & Compliance

Ensure employees, sites, and equipment are held to the highest safety standards

  • Conduct regular equipment and infrastructure inspections quickly and efficiently
  • Provide site and equipment documentation to stay up to date with strict government regulations
  • Maintain site awareness to be prepared for an emergency situation

Operations Management for your Global Drone Program

All the tools you need to manage your enterprise drone fleet

  • Centralized dashboard for pilot training, flight logs, and LAANC airspace approval
  • Automatically check your pilots and drones for up-to-date certification, highlighting any compliance risks
  • Allow team members to set drone operational status, maintenance, and registration details
  • Ensure data is secure with features like SSO and ISO 27001 certification
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Mining Data Sheet

Refer to our data sheet for quick insights and highlights to drone software in mining. Download Now