Drones, 360 Cameras For Visual Inspections

Improve worker safety and quickly identify costly issues with virtual inspections

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Improve Your Inspection Workflow With A Complete Site Reality Solution

Traditional, manual Inspections on a property or project can cause disruption and puts workers at risk. Using site reality solutions such as drones, 360 cameras, and ground robotics improves safety, streamlines the inspection workflow, and allows teams to collaborate more quickly to take immediate action on issues and progress reporting. See how teams are leveraging DroneDeploy for Inspection in Construction and Energy  

Learn More About Construction Inspection Use Cases

Reduce Risk

Inspect hard-to-reach areas without putting your team in danger

Efficient Inspections

Conduct inspections in a fraction of the time, reducing downtime

Improve Quality

Fix issues with more visibility and better communication

Integrate with Workflows

Extend your workflow with APIs and integrations to industry-leading applications 

Site and Rooftop Inspections

Use aerial data to safely inspect the progress of site work and perform rooftop inspections for maintenance and repair.  

  • Automated drone flights allow teams to seamlessly capture data without time consuming and dangerous manual processes. 
  • Aerial data is automatically processed and transformed into maps and models for teams to remotely measure distances, calculate volumes, and visualize the site in 3D
  • Compare to designs and share with project stakeholders to collaborate on inspection results and details using embedded links for individual projects

Walkthrough for Interior and Ground Inspections

Using the mobile 360 Walkthrough App, easily capture each step of the project to coordinate planning, visualize site progress, and conduct inspections from ground level. 

  • Frequently walk the interior of buildings, facility yards, and alongside assets for maintenance inspections and documentation of as-built conditions for construction. 
  • Remotely inspect automatically uploaded and processed 360 data from the safety of an office – from anywhere in the world 
  • Compare current conditions to maintenance plans, floor plans, and previous walkthroughs for documentation and immediate corrective action and share results with key stakeholders. 

Learn More About Energy Inspection Use Cases

By combining robotic automation with DroneDeploy’s interior and exterior progress documentation process, we’re able to capture data about the complete project more consistently. As a result, we’re able to make more informed decisions while allowing our team members to focus on tasks that require their expertise.


Vertical Flight for Facade and Vertical Structure Inspections

Improve efficiencies and workflows with “automated” drone-based inspections for dangerous and challenging inspections on vertical structures. 

  • Perform pre-construction inspections with drones and win more bids with high resolution 3D models of existing facade conditions 
  • Complete punch lists and as-built documentation, and safely inspect sheathing, waterproofing, and finishes without placing workers at risk
  • Document existing conditions for regular maintenance inspections on structures with high resolution Skydio 3D Scans and DroneDeploy

DroneDeploy gives us the power to do remote inspections through 3D models and photos all in one solution, helping to improve communication with the field team. This will cut down overall inspection time, for example, 2-3 days of facade crack inspections would be cut down to 4-5 hours.

Embedded Integrations

Seamlessly transfer data between DroneDeploy and data management platforms for a complete inspection workflow

  • Upload design files as overlays to perform remote inspections with the most recent plan revisions
  • Automatically sync issues created from aerial maps and 360 walkthroughs to Procore and BIM 360 projects
  • Export Elevation Layers, maps, and progress photos to project folders for all teams to access for design updates and progress reporting. 

Photo Inspection for detailed reporting

Upload unlimited geotagged photos from a manual flight or camera phone and instantly view them in full-site context 

  • Manually fly assets and capture individual high-resolution images for close-up inspections 
  • Walk the site and take photos on your mobile device in a specific location for a specific issue
  • Mark up each image, tag colleagues if there is an issue, and automatically create an Observation in Procore or Issue in Autodesk BIM 360

Improve Project Visibility With Enhanced Progress Reporting 

Bring together recent maps, panoramas, videos, and photos into a single report for all stakeholders to visualize and make actionable project decisions. 

  • Save cost and time of managers manually compiling multiple reports for multiple data types
  • Improve communication and collaboration for weekly updates and milestones with all teams
  • Improve client/owner relationships by delivering a clear and organized visual report for the full scope of the project.

Today you have to count on a Superintendent walking by the right thing at the right time and taking a picture. Capturing everything with a drone will help you catch issues that you’re not catching now.

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Inspections Data Sheet

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