DroneDeploy Aerial

The only drone mapping software you’ll ever need

DroneDeploy Aerial gives your teams the power to fly drones, capture and organize photos, generate maps and inspection reports, and share easily – all in one AI-powered platform.

High accuracy,
by default

Data you can trust, with high-accuracy mapping features such as instant RTK, PPK and custom coordinate support.

Everything you need to start flying today

DroneDeploy supports the world’s leading commercial drones with our native mobile Flight app and desktop flight planning.

All aerial data can be combined with DroneDeploy Ground imagery for a holistic view of your sites and assets – from every angle.

Automate your workflows...

Streamline your processes to create 3D maps, vertical facade inspections and panos that support your site planning and analysis.

...then supercharge them with AI

Delegate to your AI intern with our Magic AI tools and AI reports, which automatically perform tedious counting and identification tasks and streamline progress reporting.

No drone?
No problem

Don’t worry about licenses, buying hardware or training pilots, our Professional Services team provides high accuracy without the hassle. Get RTK data on demand.  (And if you do want to train your own UAV team, we offer a free Part 107 training course.)

How DroneDeploy Aerial works



Document your site in minutes with the DroneDeploy Flight app. Do photogrammetry properly with instant RTK and PPK for simplified sub-inch mapping.



Turn imagery of the projects, sites and assets you care about into high-resolution 360-degree panoramas, videos, photos, 2D orthomosaics and 3D models.



Compare what has been built to design, add design files as overlays, tag issues or create annotations and measurements.



Generate detailed reports on your data – or create a new report using AI. 
(Ask us about our concrete sleeve AI reports and solar roof reports.)



Collaborate with your team with instant export tools and integrate your tech stack with our open APIs.

Easy and accurate drone flights

Multiple flight plan types – mapping, photos, panos, video and more

Support for drones from leading manufacturers

Survey-grade, high accuracy sub-inch mapping with RTK, PPK and GCPs

Support for custom coordinate systems

Professional services to capture drone data on your sites and projects

Pilot certification support and drone training available

Grant Hagen flying a drone

Understand your sites like never before

Transform data into survey-grade maps and models

Compare changes over time with map comparison tools

Compare actuals to plans with overlays and 3D visualization tools

Fast and accurate insights with AI-powered intelligence

Quickly calculate volume, slope, elevation or distance

Auto-generate industry specific reports (stockpile, issue, progress, etc)

Generate live thermal maps and detect heat abnormalities


Tomorrow’s technology, today

Docked drones are the future – and DroneDeploy already supports the first wave.

These self-charging docks can be left on sites to perform scheduled flights and upload data automatically. No need to change batteries or SD cards – set them up once and you’re ready to start capturing.

Impress your teams (and your boss)

We’re seeing a 30% efficiency gain as a result of doing site capture with DroneDeploy, which we pass onto our clients. It’s a value-add for our customers.

Jay Ferguson

National Health and Safety Manager, Programmed NZ

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