Peoples hands in front of a computer screen holding writing utencils.

DroneDeploy Implementation

Consulting services to help scale and grow your drone program

Benchmark Your Program

See how your drone program ranks with our comprehensive benchmarking. In our benchmarking exercise, we review your processes and policies across your organization.

  • Review people, processes, hardware, and communication protocols for your company
  • We then score your program to give you a sense of where you are and where you need to go
  • Finally, we work with you to set priorities to help you achieve your goals
Peoples hands in front of a computer screen holding writing utencils.
DroneDeploy worked with Sunrun to develop standard operating procedures that could easily be implemented within the organization. Now, surveyors spend less time on the roof while still providing customers with high-quality outputs.
- Emily Ineman, Sr. Project Manager, Operations, SunRun

Develop Standard Operating Procedures

  • Go deep into your use-cases to determine individual mission best practices
  • Codify safety and compliance for your organization
  • Easily onboard new pilots or analysts with a curated training plan standard workflow
Corteva has worked directly with the DroneDeploy team to adapt DroneDeploy Academy content into easily-digestible training for our users.
- Eric Galdi, Agronomy Systems Manager, Corteva Agriscience

Improve Data Accuracy

Our consulting sessions and documentation is designed to focus specifically on your business and processes. We want to ensure you and your team are successful when capturing, analyzing, and integrating high-quality, accurate drone data. Customers should expect to get a project-specific setup for things like:

  • Number of GCPs & Checkpoints
  • How to measure your accuracy for your specific output
  • How to capture your site, field, or asset
  • How to best plan your flight using DroneDeploy

Explore Using Professional Services

Speed up your time to ROI, and standardize your drone operations from day one. Build internal traction and ensure the success of your program.