Introducing Solar Construction AI Reports

Leverage the power of AI to transform the way you track solar construction progress

More insights in less time

Tracking and sharing construction progress on a solar project can easily become a full-time job. DroneDeploy’s new progress monitoring AI report helps you utilize machine learning, drone imagery, solar-specific photogrammetry technology and HITL (human-in-the-loop) intelligence to generate timely progress reports of your construction activities on site to compare against your schedule.

These reports can help your team accurately estimate construction progress far faster than traditional methods.

Accuracy at scale powered by AI

Our AI algorithms have been validated to be within 1% of overall accuracy, ensuring that you have up-to-date, accessible data you can trust. Additionally, the AI results are thoroughly reviewed by our team of industry experts so that your report data is as reliable as possible.

How it works

01 Project Setup

Using your project’s drawings and construction plan, our team of experts will create a comprehensive baseline to begin tracking progress on your project.

02 Fly and Analyze

Once your flight data is uploaded to DroneDeploy, the images are stitched into a precise orthomosaic using our intelligent map engine. The AI-powered computer vision system then identifies areas of construction progress and calculates the total quantity of piles, racks and PV modules installed on the site.

03 QC and Export

To ensure the most accurate results possible, our team conducts thorough quality control processes on each report to validate the AI algorithm’s calculations before handing over the final deliverable.

With this new AI intelligence report, solar construction project managers and site owners will gain an invaluable source of truth on project progress.

Now, teams can manage projects more efficiently with less time and less overhead costs.

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