The Reality Capture Playbook

A Guide for Innovative Builders

Construction companies are under pressure to deliver on ever-evolving projects, all while tracking jobsite changes and reducing rework. How can they harness the latest technology to gain a competitive edge?

This Playbook will walk you through critical milestones to capture throughout the project lifecycle, and how to make the most of the photos with unique workflows and use cases that have been used by our customers – including some big wins.

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Your guide to capturing every stage of your project lifecycle

Reality capture is drastically reshaping the construction industry. Early adopters are gaining big advantages:

Improve site documentation and communication

Reduce risk of expensive rework

Virtually visit the jobsite from anywhere

Easily share data with stakeholders

Clearly and accurately track changes over time

Make comparisons between design and as-built

Save time spent on in-person inspections.

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Find out how to reap these benefits and maximize ROI from drones, AI and robotics.
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What will you learn?

DroneDeploy provides the most comprehensive and holistic view of our project sites throughout the whole lifecycle. We finally have a single project management tool for all site documentation in one place.

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Harness the power of reality capture on your jobsite

Reality capture technology – including drone in a box, robotics and AI – is changing the way construction companies track and manage their projects.

It’s enabling entirely new workflows and remote operations, while reduce rework and improving full site visibility.

Businesses that don’t adapt to this new landscape will be left behind. Learn how reality capture could transform your business with our free guide.
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