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The 5 Best DroneDeploy Academy Courses to Take Right Now

April 17, 2020

With social distancing measures in place, many people are taking this time to learn new skills or improve existing ones. With that in mind, DroneDeploy’s online Academy provides workers tailored training courses based on their industry. Whether learning the basics of piloting or studying for your Part 107 license, the Academy is an excellent place to master new trades and hone your drone abilities. Our Solutions Engineering Manager, Jay Mulakala, sat down and broke out the top Academy courses to take advantage of while in quarantine.


1. Piloting Series

There’s no better place to begin than with our first-ever series. Under the “Master the Fundamentals” tab, this 3-level piloting course takes you through the basics of flight and gradually prepares you for advanced flight planning techniques. In the first level, you’ll learn pilot terminology and how to create optimal flight plans before understanding the underlying automation behind flight planning in level 2. Level 3 ends with tips for high-accuracy mapping and strategies for flights greater than 1,000 acres.


2. Processing Series

After mastering your mapping techniques, the next step is to understand how DroneDeploy can process your data. In the Processing series, we’ll guide you while you’re uploading your first data set and teach you how each processing setting affects your final results. From here, you’ll learn about spatial reference systems, our high-accuracy tools, and finally, how DroneDeploy’s Map Engine works. This knowledge will be beneficial when analyzing your photogrammetry.


3. Analysis Series

The last section of training under “Master the Fundamentals” is the Analysis series. After gaining a basic level of understanding through processing, level 1 of Analysis will teach you how to generate 3D models, exports, and reports from your data. This series is all about optimizing the number of insights gleaned from your maps, leveraging your project files, and exporting your data. Plus, the final level details how DroneDeploy’s Machine Learning can benefit your business.


4. Managing Earthworks on Your Jobsite

While this course is inside the “Using Drones in Construction” tab, learning how to manage earthworks on your job site applies to multiple industries, including mining, surveying, and more. This course provides an in-depth look at DroneDeploy’s Earthworks feature, and how to use this tool to survey new sites, monitor grading operations, and track stockpile inventories. Explicitly designed for Project or Site Managers, this course will also assist you with estimation and accurate data capture. Some of our customer testimonials and use cases are in the same tab as free webinars for even more insights.


5. Drones in Agriculture

Farmers are some of the fastest adopters of drone technology, and this course was designed with this in mind. Learn from Kyle Miller, our Enterprise Sales Engineer with previous experience on his family’s farm, to make the best use of DroneDeploy’s features tailored particularly to agriculture. Photogrammetry, remote vegetation sensing, and crop health analysis are all discussed in this course. As in the Earthworks course, we’ve also included two free webinars for extra information on real use cases and strategies for scaling your drone program within agriculture.

While not a specific Academy course, DroneDeploy also offers trainings in partnership with Remote Pilot 101 for those interested in earning or renewing their Part 107 license. Please note that these are significantly longer than the free Academy courses and do not provide the actual certification, but act more as supplemental studying material.

After completing each series, you’ll receive a certificate of your proficiency in the subject. We often see our customers adding these to their LinkedIn profiles or sharing across their social media accounts, and if interested in doing the same, tag us @DroneDeploy in your photos. Best of luck!

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