Responsible Technology Guidelines

December 20, 2023
Rebecca Lehman

At DroneDeploy, we seek to create cutting edge technology for the benefit of our customers, their employees, and society at large. This blog outlines our guiding principles that enable us to develop a powerful and socially responsible product. 

Worker Super-empowerment 

We believe our technology super-empowers workers with unprecedented abilities to visualize and understand their projects and sites. We are driven by a vision of democratized data collection and distribution to build and operate smarter, and safer. Our product is designed to give control, oversight and autonomy in deploying reality capture technology in service of human needs.

Safety, Security and Trust 

We manage customer data with the highest levels of privacy and security from end to end. We prioritize safety in the application and operation of our product, ensuring its reliability and deploying in ways that create and promote a safe environment on job sites. Our proactive approach ensures that every aspect of our system prioritizes safety, creating a robust foundation for the seamless and secure management of sensitive information.

Governance and Accountability

We use our leadership position in reality capture and Artificial Intelligence to proactively build and test best practices on responsible regulations and guidelines around the use of our technology. Customers are prohibited from utilizing DroneDeploy for integration into weapons or military items.. We engage with lawmakers to promote legislation on the safe and ethical use of robots and drones. 

Responsible Deployment

We believe robots and drones require responsibility and oversight for successful integration into jobsites and society. 

  • Privacy and Civil Rights We recognize and consider the ethical, legal, and bias-related concerns associated with emerging artificial intelligence and reality capture technologies. 
  • Applicable Laws and Guidelines We ensure our software is compliant with relevant jurisdictional laws and follow and contribute to industry operational standards.
  • Transparency We believe in providing clear and accessible information about how our robots and drones operate, the data they collect, and the purposes for which they are used.

Societal Benefit 

We're committed to using robotics, reality capture, and AI to enhance worker well-being, benefit communities, and protect the environment. We aim to anticipate and address the potential unintended and intended consequences of our technologies. We proactively address the impacts of our technologies and collaborate with NGOs, universities, and governments to innovate for positive outcomes.

About the Author

Rebecca Lehman
Rebecca Lehman
Social Impact Program Manager

Rebecca finds innovative ways to leverage technology in addressing social and environmental problems. At DroneDeploy she manages both the nonprofit and education programs. She works with nonprofits and social impact organizations to enable the power of mapping and new technology to reach those who need it most. She has a master's degree in Environmental Management from the Yale School of the Environment.

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