Resources to Help Your Business – and Career – During the Shelter in Place

April 16, 2020

We are in the midst of a scary, unsettling global event. COVID-19 has presented us with difficult questions about how to juggle our personal and professional lives as we merge both into our homes. But for the innovator, it's also presented itself as something else: an opportunity.


There are obvious drawbacks to working from home, from your colleagues seeing every room in your apartment to your kids making too much noise during your conference call. But there are also benefits, namely that we all save time from skipping our commute. The lockdown also offers us a chance to reset. As quarterly business plans go out the window, we must take a step back and examine where our teams are and how we can improve.

All of us business leaders should ask ourselves during this uncertain time: what campaigns are driving the most revenue? Which produces the highest ROI? As individuals, how can we use this extra time to bolster our skills and acquire new knowledge that will further our businesses and our careers once we return to normalcy?

Many companies, platforms, and even universities are offering courses, certifications, and discounts to help you learn while you isolate. Here are a few courses that you may want to take a look into as you social distance.


Google Ad Certifications: Google is still one of the most powerful advertising platforms on earth. They offer numerous free certifications, from Google Ad Words certification to Google Ads Search Certification, Google Ads Video Certification, and more. And even if COVID-19 has hurt your company's bottom line, Google Ads works with any budget, and you can set a daily cap for the number of dollars you want to invest in the platform.


Get Your FAA Part 107 License: Our blog post offers the full steps to learn how to obtain your drone pilot's license. You'll need to take a 60 question test in-person at a testing center (once social distancing restrictions are lifted), but now is a great time to prepare for the test and complete other necessary steps. With drones creating tremendous ROI, they are a great tool to bring to your organization.

Go Back to School: All 8 Ivy League schools are offering more than 450 courses on everything ranging from algorithms to global markets to accounting analytics. And they're all available for free.


ON24 Webinar Certification: Many of you may be turning to webinars and digital events to replace tradeshows, field events, and in-person meetups. ON24 offers its free Webcast Elite Certification, which empowers marketers and event managers to reach their audiences – even during these unpredictable times. There are also some benefits to digital experiences: you can scale and have more people attend and gain insights into what content is most of interest to your attendees.

Gain Data Science Expertise: Harvard conducts a Professional Certificate in Data Science online. With this experience, you'll be able to comprehend statistical concepts such as probability and modeling and bring them to how to apply them in practice. It's not free, but it will undoubtedly pay for itself many times over for those looking to take a more data-based approach.

Everything Else: Udemy, Coursera, Lynda, and other online course providers, provide limitless avenues to improve yourself professionally, creatively, and personally. From learning to code to how to become your team's design or photoshop expert, there's no shortage of courses that will help you upskill.

We hope these resources help you make the most of this different time. At DroneDeploy, we're innovators. Therefore, we're naturally optimistic – even during days as trying as this. Interested in exploring the drone market? Download our free 2020 State of the Drone Market report.

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