5 More Panels You Need to Experience at DroneDeploy Conference 2019

October 1, 2019

We're looking forward to our biggest gathering of customers and innovators to showcase how drone solutions deliver unprecedented insights, risk mitigation, and ultimately ROI.

- Mike Winn, CEO & Founder, DroneDeploy

We’re almost into October, and that means DroneDeploy Conference is just two weeks away. Last week, we released a series of panels registrants should be sure to attend between October 16-17 in San Francisco. And, back by popular demand, we have five more panels people should be sure to check out.

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Inspecting Property Portfolios with Drones

DroneDeploy customers can now order drone data products on-demand. Andrew Dennison, Director of Enterprise Services at DroneDeploy, moderates a panel featuring Mark Schmidt, President of Atlas10; Josh Barker, Director of Business Development at Geomni; Sam Marking, Construction Project Manager at Invenergy; and Hayden Howard, Vice President at CompassData.

These experts will discuss how outsourced flight operations can enable ROI and insurance and facilities companies can triage their roof portfolios to detect water intrusions. You’ll also learn how companies can inspect their pavement portfolio on-demand for better maintenance budgets and how engineering firms can collect topos before earthmoving begins.

DroneDeploy, its customers, and its partners will review the process to save money without having to start a drone program of your own.

Wednesday October 16, 2019 12:45pm - 1:30pm; Room A 865 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


Modern Wellsite Planning with Drones, 3D Images, and Augmented Reality

In the commoditized environment of land oilfield operations, efficiency is the primary driver of profitability. Schlumberger has created a technology workflow, that increases the productivity of land operations through the utilization of a 3D collaborative planning and AR assisted execution.

Andrey Konchenko, Production Software Innovation Head at Schlumberger, highlights this session. Konchenko is an oilfield production expert at STIC (Software Technology Innovation Center ) whose main goal is to bridge the digital innovations of Silicon Valley with production and unconventional completions product lines of Schlumberger.

The workflow centers around creating a digital copy of the well site, starting with drone mapping, in partnership with DroneDeploy.

Wednesday October 16, 2019 1:45pm - 2:30pm; Room C 865 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


Transforming Inspections

Inspections are a vital part of oil & gas, energy, mining, construction, and other land and asset-intensive industries. But they are time-consuming, disruptive, prone to human error – and can force people into hazardous conditions. DroneDeploy has transformed inspections with safer and consistent protocols.

Our Senior Product Manager, Anya Lamb, leads this panel of experts. On stage, we will have Alvin Rentsch, Transformation Architect at California Resources Corporation (“CRC”); Maurilio Espinoza, Operations Supervisor & Advisor at CRC; and Terrance Howell, Electrical Engineer at CRC.

The panel is rounded out by Chris Bowles, Founder & Director of Ramboll AI, an internal Ramboll startup born out of a corporate innovation program; and Dean Miller, Virtual Construction Technician at Sundt Construction.

Learn how customers have transformed their processes with DroneDeploy.

Thursday October 17, 2019 9:00am - 9:45am; Room A 865 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103


Scaling Internal Drone Operations

Scaling a drone program is an involved task. Learn from industry pioneers have built their programs from a crawl to walk to nationwide drone fleets. We'll walk through the process from proving ROI on a single mission to flying hundreds of missions per month.

Our very own Andrew Dennison is back to host his second panel of the conference.

Joining him on stage will be Dominic Daughtrey, Continuous Improvement Program Manager at Sundt Corporation; Jonathan Beaty, Field Inspection Services Manager at Kiewit; James Holmes, Senior VDC Specialist at Rogers-O’Brien Construction; and Ray Pascua, UAV Manager at Katerra.

This session will you give practical guidance on how to build an enterprise drone operation that scales with your needs:

  • Achieving organizational buy-in
  • Standardizing data collection and analysis
  • Standard Aviation Procedures
  • Pilot/Analyst training
  • Using internal and external resources

Thursday October 17, 2019 10:00am - 10:45am; Room B 865 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Take the Guesswork Out of Earthmoving


When it comes to earthmoving, there's a lot at stake. As one of the earliest and most expensive parts of any project, it determines whether you're on schedule or behind, making money or over budget.

Estimating earthmoving costs well can make the difference between making money and losing money on a project, between winning or losing a bid, or between choosing a great subcontractor or a terrible one. It's just as important to measure earthmoving while it's underway to track subcontractor work, plan logistics and manage the schedule. And yet much of the time, important decisions about earthmoving are made by guesswork, because traditional methods of volumetric measurement are too time-consuming and expensive to be done more than once or twice a year. Now, you can say goodbye to guesswork.

This will be Anya Lamb’s third and final panel of the conference and it’s sure not to disappoint. Michael Lambert, VDC Manager at Casco Constructors, and Greg Oetker, Senior UAS Pilot/Field Project Representative at Jones Carter will discuss how fast and easy it is to accurately make whatever volumetric measurements you need, when you need them–whether you're managing stockpile volumes, planning the next phase of mine development or tracking earthmoving on a construction site.

Thursday October 17, 2019 1:00pm - 1:45pm; Room C 865 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Check out our full agenda here.

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