Introducing Roof Report from DroneDeploy

January 30, 2018

Roof inspection is dangerous and time-consuming work. But getting up in the air to take measurements by hand or catalog damage has always been a part of doing business.

Every roof inspector, claims adjuster, and solar installer has long dreamed of being able to do their job from the safety of the ground. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Roof Report, a new aerial inspection tool that makes inspecting and measuring roofs quicker and safer using drones.

We’ve been working closely with some of the largest solar and insurance companies in North America to bring our customers a reliable and accurate drone roofing solution.

- Mike Winn, CEO, DroneDeploy

Automatically Capture Roof Imagery in Minutes

With the DroneDeploy mobile flight app, you can quickly plan an automated drone flight and capture high-resolution roof imagery in as little as 10 minutes — without the need to ever step foot on a roof.

Our flight app delivers optimal aerial data to help you produce the highest quality maps and 3D models around. With adequately overlapped images, proper focus, and end-of-mission orbits, you can trust our map engine to build accurate roof details and results, fast.

Our customers — from leading solar, electric, and real estate enterprises to drone hobbyists who have started to utilize their DJI drones in their daily work — are experiencing incredible ROI with DroneDeploy’s Roofing solution.

- Jan Gasparic, Head of Enterprise Partnerships, DJI

Generate comprehensive roof reports with the click of a button.

Generate Accurate Roof Reports with the Click of a Button

Once your team has captured the aerial imagery, creating a roof report is just a few clicks away. Each roof report provides accurate square footage, roof features, pitch, surface area, and slope. And you can rest easy knowing all the measurements are 99.4% accurate. Once your roof report is ready, download a PDF copy or export a DXF output compatible with your existing tools.

See an example roof report here.

Triple the Number of Estimates Your Team Completes in a Day

What if you could make your team 3X more productive? With DroneDeploy you can. Our solution is 3X faster than traditional methods of roof inspection. With results like these, you’ll be able to provide your customers with faster turnaround times and better information.

DroneDeploy Roof Report

Share Maps and Roof Reports for Easy Collaboration

DroneDeploy’s cloud-based platform makes it easy to share high-resolution maps and models of roofs with your team. Whether your team is in the office, or out in the field, you can remain connected at all times.

How to Use Roof Report

After you’ve planned your flight, collected the roof imagery, and begun processing your map and 3D model, you can access the Roof Report App from the DroneDeploy App Market to generate your custom roof report for $35. The completed report is emailed to you within 2 hours time.

Best Flight Practices for Capturing Roof Imagery

Our roofing solution is suitable for commercial and residential applications. We recommend the following best practices to ensure optimal results when using our flight app:

  • Fly low — we recommend flying approximately 75ft above the roof
  • Stay alert — Be careful of wires and other thin obstacles that your drone could hit
  • Use the right processing mode — Process your data in Structure mode on DroneDeploy for best results
  • Buy the right drone — We recommend you use a Phantom 4 Pro or Inspire 2 for the best results
  • Check before you fly — Check local flight restrictions with tools like AirMap and Flyte
  • Take off manually — It’s hard to estimate the height of objects from the ground. Take off manually to check the height of the building and trees
  • Land with caution — Take off and land from an unobstructed area like a driveway

Where to Learn More

  • Register for our upcoming live webinar, Aerial Roof Inspections with Drones and learn how to quickly and safely inspect and measure roofs with DroneDeploy.
  • Check out Roof Report on our website and sign up for DroneDeploy
  • To learn more about the linear measurement accuracy of DroneDeploy and DJI drones, read our free white paper.

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