Introducing Dock Shield: the world’s first security firewall for commercial drones

May 21, 2024

Leading companies across industries like construction, energy, agriculture and mining all have one thing in common – they prioritize data security.

With the DJI Dock 1 and 2 unlocking the ability to fully automate aerial data capture, the demand for greater data security has never been higher.

Enter Dock Shield. 

With Dock Shield, technology leaders across industries can continue to automate and innovate while also securing their most important asset, their data.

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Introducing Dock Shield

We are pleased to announce that we are extending our lead in data security with Dock Shield – a security product engineered to deliver unmatched protection for your drone operations.  

We expect these docked drones, which can take off, land, charge and fly autonomously, to unlock exciting new use cases for our customers and scale their data capture operations in ways not possible before. 

Read more about the DJI Dock 2 here.

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With greater connectivity comes increased data security risks by malicious actors and other third parties. We have created Dock Shield to address this risk, targeting DJI’s Dock 1 and 2 as the first supported hardware. 

With the current geopolitical climate, we believe this U.S. made and operated security solution will help keep this exciting new technology available for customers concerned about the security of their data.

How does Dock Shield work?

Dock Shield is a robust suite of network security protocols designed to limit connections solely to trusted DroneDeploy-controlled U.S. servers. This solution will help ensure that drone data arrives securely and at its intended destination. 

Dock Shield seamlessly integrates with all components of the Dock Automation product, ensuring holistic protection.

Further, Dock Shield is compatible with services like Starlink and other cellular providers, as long as there's a router/firewall device on-site to enact necessary networking rules.

We understand that for many info security administrators, the motto is “trust, but verify.” That’s why we have subjected Dock Shield to outside penetration testing by a leading data security audit firm.

But what about performance?

Our customers choose DroneDeploy because it “just works”. Our customers have  turned to DJI drones, with their unmatched record of reliability and performance, for the same reason. Dock shield delivers this same promise to our customers of reliability and performance. 

While running Dock Shield, your docked drones experience no added latency, guaranteeing peak performance during operations. Furthermore, Dock Shield encompasses features such as validated DJI Dock and drone firmware updates straight from DroneDeploy servers, along with continual checks of firewall rules for flawless implementation.

DroneDeploy: a trusted security partner

As you automate and accelerate your aerial data capture, protecting both your data and operations becomes essential. 

But even before our launch of Dock Shield, DroneDeploy has been the security leader in the reality capture space.  

DroneDeploy is SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliant. We also follow security best-practices recommended in NIST 800-53

For more on DroneDeploy’s cloud-based data security, visit our Security page

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What’s next?

While initially tailored for DJI Dock 1 and 2, Dock Shield is crafted for compatibility with any drone. We plan to expand compatibility to the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise and other drones on the horizon. 

DroneDeploy is actively pursuing collaborations with drone hardware manufacturers to tailor Dock Shield to become the security-by-default to all. Presently, Dock Shield supports data residency within the US, with expansion plans in the pipeline. 

DroneDeploy Dock Shield isn't merely a security solution; it's peace of mind for your drone operations. With its comprehensive protection and seamless integration, Dock Shield sets the benchmark for secure aerial automation.

Curious about docked drones and Dock Shield? Get in touch with a member of our team.

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