Everything You Missed on Day Two of DDC 2022

October 7, 2022

And that’s a wrap on day two of DroneDeploy Conference 2022! While the conference may be over, you can still get a recap of everything that you may have missed on the last day of the event.

From breakout sessions on automating inspections with ground robotics to a detailed look at how to improve workflows with reality capture, this is a breakdown of all the big things that happened at DroneDeploy Conference 2022.

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Automating with Ground Robots

Ground robotics is transforming the way industries perform asset inspections. Instead of pursuing the time-consuming task of reviewing a jobsite manually, many are leveraging ground robots to take care of this process.

In this breakout session, attendees were given a practical guide on how to launch their own ground robotics inspection program. This panel of experts dove deep into the details, providing the audience with a step-by-step guide on how to automate every phase of asset inspection with innovative new technologies.

How Reality Capture is Transforming Sustainable Industries

Reality capture is transforming the way industries reach sustainability goals. In this presentation and fireside chat, a panel of experts who are paving the way in cleantech discussed the power of reality capture. The panel went deep into the nuances of how reality capture has evolved over the past decade, where the industry stands today and the trends that are shaping its future.

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Mobilizing the Workforce of the Future

The way we work is changing, and for many industries, drone technology is spearheading that change. In this breakout session conference guests were given an in-depth look at how work is evolving within organizations, from a panel of industry experts.

For many of these organizations that have adopted and expanded their drone programs, they have been able to build deeper trust with clients and foster a healthier culture. Attendees walked away from this session understanding just how drone technology is working to mobilize a changing workforce.

Solar inspection ground robot with speaker on stage

Ensuring Project Success with DroneDeploy

Starting a project off on the right foot can be interpreted differently today than in years past. This is largely due to the vast technology suite most general contractors use in their day-to-day operations, including a combination of drones, robots, 360 cameras, mobile applications and more.

This session took attendees through the entire lifecycle of a project, and how DroneDeploy is utilized to provide the insights and documentation needed to ensure their success.

Automating Solar Asset Inspection

During this session, panelists presented how OnSight Technology benefited from introducing a fully autonomous ground robot, coupled with the Ground Robotics platform from DroneDeploy to their processes. This complete solution provided OnSight Technology with grid-scale solar inspection and detailed site data to protect and extend vital green energy assets.

In this breakout, the team from OnSight shared insights on how bifacial panel inspection can identify issues early, reduce site risk and help solar farms realize the full potential of their assets.

Thank you to everyone who attended the DroneDeploy Conference in-person and everyone who tuned into DDC Live online. We’ll see you again next year!


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