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DroneDeploy Conference 2022 is Carbon Neutral

October 5, 2022

At DroneDeploy we’re focused on the future. We’re building the future of autonomy and a future that works for everyone. That’s why, this year, we’re offsetting the entire carbon footprint of our annual DroneDeploy Conference.

We included air travel, transportation, and hotel stay for all conference attendees, speakers, and employees in our offset analysis. We used the EPA Indirect Emissions from Events and Conferences guidance to estimate the total carbon associated with the conference. We calculated this to 241 tonnes and offset using Patch. Our certificate is available here.

After assessing our emissions, we offset our carbon through projects focused on reforestation and methane emissions reductions. We chose to focus on these areas due to our platform’s capabilities and that our social impact program,, has focus areas on climate and conservation.

DroneDeploy is committed to being a leader as an environmentally-conscious and forward-thinking company by taking proactive, voluntary measures to mitigate our business's impact on the environment.

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