The Best Ways to Perform Property and Roofing Inspections

February 5, 2020

Traditional roofing methods include a worker manually climbing up on a client’s roof and inspecting problem areas by hand. Not only is this time consuming, but it’s also dangerous: according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, falling from roofs and ladders is the most common injury on residential construction sites. An easy solution to this problem is using drones to perform roof inspections.


By eliminating the need for a person on the roof, operations instantly become safer. Drones further reduce injury risk by identifying hidden threats not usually seen by roofers. For example, DroneDeploy’s Thermal Live Map can alert contractors to water damage. Other dangers not typically picked up by traditional satellite imagery include overhanging trees, power lines, or fallen objects. With DroneDeploy’s geotagged images, contractors can quickly annotate and identify these threats for easy removal, frequently translating into lower insurance premiums and liability costs overall.

The use of drones isn’t just beneficial for roofing and construction companies: Property Managers can also benefit from employing drone technology. Drones allow managers to connect their properties virtually and reduce time spent visiting multiple locations. By storing this portfolio in an online database – or, better yet, in the DroneDeploy app – property managers can keep more precise records and easily access this information when it comes to making decisions on rent, security deposits, or renovations. This also introduces the idea of preventative care when it comes to roofing – property managers can use drones to perform maintenance checks and pre-loss inspections, increasing home value, and reducing future renovation costs or real estate risks.

Additionally, there are a few apps on DroneDeploy’s App Market that can aid in your construction projects. One such app is RoofReport, which generates a complete and accurate roof plan within 48 hours. This, coupled with DroneDeploy software, gives contractors a detailed look at a roof’s perimeter, slope, pitch, surface area, and more. Contact us to learn more about our roofing solution.


The National Roofing Contractors Association estimates that 90% of contractors are dealing with skilled labor shortages, while the demand for commercial construction is increasing. Drones can seamlessly fill this space, with the added benefits of reducing human error and providing real-time transparent analysis.

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