The quadruped robot spot on an inspection walk.

Meet Spot

The four-legged robot that autonomously inspects a wide range of environments, from construction sites to energy facilities.

Use DroneDeploy to schedule autonomous and repeatable missions

Spot has built-in obstacle avoidance and will reroute itself if its path is blocked

Carry up to 14kg of 360 cameras, LiDAR scanners, and thermal or gas sensors

Navigate a variety of indoor and outdoor environments, e.g. gravel, grass, stairs

Spot can be left alone on-site and returns to a self-charging dock when battery is low

Remote control
Use DroneDeploy to remotely activate Spot and its sensors from anywhere in the world

Spot the quadruped robot with some interface elements from DroneDeploy

Benefits of Autonomous Inspections

  • Conduct regular inspections of sites, equipment or assets 24/7
  • Send Spot into dangerous or hard to reach areas instead of workers
  • Save hours of time on manual inspections by automating low-value tasks
  • Free up employees for more strategic and high-value jobs
  • Leave Spot in remote facilities, reducing the need for workers on site
  • Remotely investigate ad-hoc issues before deploying teams
  • Perform autonomous 360 site reality capture on a weekly or daily basis
  • Compare regular survey scans with BIM models and avoid rework
  • Capture LiDAR point cloud data 16x faster than terrestrial scanning
  • Activate robots and sensors from anywhere to investigate issues
  • Generate reports on data center build progress for stakeholders
  • Tag and assign issues to subcontractors with geolocation information

Data center construction

The construction of large-scale data centers is a booming industry, but one that poses challenges for contractors. These projects require visibility at all stages of the build. With DroneDeploy, Spot can be sent on automated missions to capture 360 walkthroughs and LiDAR scans of construction sites. This data can be used to validate subcontractor work, track progress, compare construction to BIMs, and reduce the risk of rework.

A ground robot and a drone

Oil & Gas inspections

Midstream oil & gas facilities require regular inspections to ensure compliance and early detection of maintenance issues. With DroneDeploy, Spot can be equipped with cameras and sensors and sent on autonomous inspection missions of oil & gas facilities. Detect maintenance issues, reduce downtime, maintain visual twins of site and assets, and keep more employees out of harm’s way.

DroneDeploy sent Boston Dynamics’ Spot to run autonomous inspections at a construction site in New Zealand. Watch the video to see Spot work.

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