Transforming Drone Programs From Cost Centers To Profit Centers

Hear how to maximize your investment return quickly

January 8, 2021

Join ENR 400 top contractor, Layton Construction, to hear how to get the most value out of your corporate-wide drone program. Learn how to build and scale your operation that meets your operational needs and maximizes your investment return in a short amount of time. 

Corporate Manager, Jon Ferguson, and Visualization Coordinator, Austin Lay, will discuss how their team developed their drone program and share key insights, learnings, and best practices.

Register for this webinar to learn how to:

  • Invest in the right technologies and resources
  • Keep overhead costs down and deliver ROI within your first project
  • Drive the most value and build trust with key stakeholders, including project managers, executives, and clients
  • Streamline operations and workflows with drone data


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