Remote Sensing & Crop Scouting with Aerial Insights

Listen to our conversation with Beck's Hybrids & SlantRange

June 9, 2021
As the growing season progresses, growers and agronomists alike are turning to drone data for the unprecedented aerial insights the technology provides for field and input management. In our latest product release, we introduced Live Map Gen 3, Stand Assessment, and other agriculture-centric features to streamline farming operations. In this webinar, hear about early in-season use cases from Beck's Hybrids, and learn how to incorporate sensors into your current processes. You'll also hear from SlantRange on how to implement technology to support R&D throughout the season. Register for this webinar to learn: How to utilize Live Map Gen 3 on the farm Early in-season use cases from DroneDeploy customers Ways to incorporate sensors to complement your current processes What’s next after performing stand counts: nitrogen side-dressing, scouting, & more


Anna Schneider
Product Marketing, DroneDeploy

Anna Schneider is on the Product Marketing team at DroneDeploy. She studied environmental science in school and has worked on multiple farms in the Bay Area. She has been working in ag-tech since 2014 and specializes in agriculture use cases for aerial data.

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