Launching A Drone Program with DroneDeploy

Hear our in-depth discussion with Syngenta

March 24, 2021
Trying to understand the complexities of drone technology in a constantly changing industry can be daunting for organizations just starting to leverage drones. At DroneDeploy, we’re automating and simplifying many of these processes, and are excited to present to you our proven methods of success for growing, managing, and finding ROI for your drone program. In this webinar, you’ll hear from Julia Fibbe, Digital Agronomist and PSDP Associate at Syngenta and Brooks Allwardt, Enterprise Services Manager at DroneDeploy, as they detail the in’s and out’s of launching a new drone program at Syngenta from researching initial use-cases and costs, presenting success stories to executives, implementing these best-practices company-wide across hundreds of pilots and all within 3 months! This is a can’t-miss webinar for those seriously considering designing a drone program from within. Register for this webinar to: Discover how to build a drone program from the ground-up Learn how to garner executive buy-in for your drone program Master the fundamentals of drone operations management Our hardware, software, and other best practices we've seen within our core industries


Brooks Allwardt
Enterprise Services Manager, DroneDeploy

Brooks Allwardt is an Enterprise Services Manager with DroneDeploy and specializes in helping organizations create effective drone operations systems to manage their program. His engineering background and extensive experience in operations has allowed him the opportunity to standardize operating procedures and manage drone pilots across all genres of customers. Brooks’s passion is in helping customers find all of the value opportunities of drones in a consistent, safe, and compliant manner. A Part 107 pilot himself, Brooks grew up in the midwest and first honed his drone flying skills making waterskiing and wakeboarding videos of his friends during the summertime. When he is not flying Brooks enjoys reading, traveling, learning new geospatial information and is recognized in some small circles as a ping pong champion.

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