Introducing DroneDeploy Ground Robotics

Watch the launch of our new solution at DDC 21

November 8, 2021
At the DroneDeploy Conference 2021, we revealed our new Ground Robotics solution to a global audience. With this innovative product, DroneDeploy users will be able to send ground robots on automated missions, capture data about their environment, and automatically upload it to the platform. It’s the next frontier of business automation. Watch this video to learn: Why ground robots are the future of business automation How to automate your data capture with ground robots What Spot looks like being teleoperated – from across the world! How to register interest in our ground robotics BETA program


David Inggs
Head of Ground Robotics, DroneDeploy

David Inggs co-founded Rocos which was acquired by DroneDeploy in 2021 and now leads the Ground Robotics team at DroneDeploy. David has over 25 years of experience growing companies from start-up to publicly listed. David has a deep technical background in high-load, high-scale cloud platforms, mobile, IoT and robotics and a particular passion for commercialising innovation in nascent industries.

Jono Millin
Co-founder and CCO, DroneDeploy

Jono Millin is the co-founder and CCO of DroneDeploy, where he is responsible for the overall customer experience of the DroneDeploy platform. Millin completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Information Systems and Applied Maths at Rhodes University before moving to the UK to obtain an MSc in Artificial Intelligence, and 2/3 of a PhD in Machine Learning from the University of Edinburgh. When not playing with flying robots and computers, Jono can be found rock climbing or playing squash.

Watch the recording:


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