Getting Started with Drones in Facilities Inspection

Learn how to save 10%+ on annual facilities maintenance budgets

July 1, 2020
Watch this webinar to learn how companies are saving 10%+ on annual facilities maintenance budgets using drone technology. Nationwide retailers and property managers are triaging their building portfolios with drone imagery and analytics to better assess their maintenance spend in three areas: roof, pavement, and building envelope. We will spend time diving into building-level analytics (detecting roof leaks, assessing pavement condition) and also include portfolio analysis benefits.


Andrew Dennison
Director of Enterprise Services, DroneDeploy

Andrew Dennison is the Director of Enterprise Services at DroneDeploy. He helps our enterprise clients design and operate their global drone programs. Familiar with entire drone tech stack and industry-specific ROI. Prior to DroneDeploy, Andrew was the Founder of Uplift Data Partners, a global drone service provider that was acquired in 2018.

Mark Schmidt
President & CEO, Atlas10

Mark Schmidt is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Atlas10, helping facilities and property decision-makers preserve their pavement asset and save significant capital through our comprehensive pavement management strategy. Since 2009, Atlas10 has helped Fortune 500 companies evaluate over .5 billion sq. ft of pavement to guide capital budgets, standardize scope of work, and execute proactive maintenance plans. Atlas10 simplifies the complicated process of pavement management to drive financial savings to clients.

Daniel Kilman
President, Pavecon

Daniel Kilman is the President of Pavecon Holdings, the parent company of 4 thriving and innovative construction and technology related entities, domiciled in Dallas, Texas. Before being named President, he began 2 business units in the Pavecon startup markets of Jackson, MS and Birmingham, AL. Daniel has also served as the Director of Strategic Development and Vice President before being named President of Pavecon.

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