DroneDeploy.org Speaker Series: Drones and Robotics in STEM

In this webinar you'll learn how drones and robots are inspiring the next generation of diverse leaders

December 13, 2023

In this on-demand webinar recording you'll learn from organizations using robots and drones for good! Reality Capture software is capturing the hearts and minds of the next generation through outreach programs and K-12 programs. Reality capture tools such as drones are both incredibly engaging educational tools, and also career opening across disciplines. We’ll hear from experts in STEM who have incorporated reality capture into their programs and how they are using these tools to drive student progress. 

  • The growing trend of drones and robots use in STEM
  • Hear stories from how nonprofits are using drones and robots in education settings to reach underresouced communities
  • Discuss outcomes of how engaging in STEM can open job opportunities
  • Share resources provided by DroneDeploy for educators and program opportunities. 

The webinar will be 60 minutes and will include time for questions.


Austin Brown

Austin Brown is a graduate of The George Washington University, an FAA certified Drone Pilot and educator. In 2015 he Co-Founded Global Air Media LLC a drone services provider, and The Global Air Drone Academy, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization with a mission of bridging the race and gender gap in STEM education and careers. In addition to flying hundreds of missions ranging from industrial inspection to construction site mapping, Austin has overseen an organization that has taught thousands of students to build drones around the world. Whether flying drones or teaching others to pilot them, Austin believes that drones are the future.

Alina George
Program Lead

Alina George joined the Federal Aviation Administration in 2019 and is a Program Lead in the FAA’s Drone Integration Office. She is on the Outreach and Engagement Team, where she leads projects on the development and implementation of Drone Safety Day, AUS presence at drone events, Droning On: Regional Events, and co-administrates the UAS-CTI Program. Prior to joining the FAA, Alina worked on education and outreach efforts at Sparkfun Electronics, and in event planning and coordination at RTCA. Alina is committed to DEIA and extending aviation outreach efforts to historically excluded communities. She recently completed an Executive Certificate in Diversify Equity, and Inclusion from the Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies and previously earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from University of Toronto.

La-Quata Sumter
Professor and STEM Educator

Dr. La’Quata Sumter is a technology enthusiast and educator passionate about teaching about technology, drones, coding, web design, and engineering. Hailing from the small town of Red Top, SC and now residing in Albany, GA, as a STEM/STEAM philanthropist, she is dedicated to encouraging careers and education in these fields for the next generation. With over 15 years of experience in teaching technology, La’Quata holds a PhD in Learning Technologies & is an Engineering Professor. She is also the CEO and Founder of Focusing On Me, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on supporting organizations in their goals for STEM excellence. STEAM thru Drones is one of her current projects focusing on designing and delivering educational programs that cater to various audiences, from students to professionals. These programs cover topics such as drone operation, safety, regulations, aerial technology advancements, and more. Dr. Sumter has obtained numerous technical certifications and is Part 107 Certified as well.

Watch the recording:


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