DroneDeploy.org Speaker Series: Disaster Response

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March 31, 2023
Join us for a webinar to hear experts in the field explain how drones and mapping technology are being used in disaster response. We'll discuss the most effective use cases and best practices for safe and impactful drone use in crisis situations. Learn about the most common use cases for drones and mapping data in pre-disaster, immediate response, and post-disaster. Discuss examples of positive and negative drone deployments in disasters. A look at how new technologies in reality capture are being used such as ground robots and 360 cameras. Integrating drone data with other GIS and Satelite Imagery datasets to gain the information needed for first responders. A discussion on how drone technology can enable the future of disaster management. The webinar will be 60 minutes and will include time for questions.


Rakesh Bharania
Senior Advisor, Crisis Technologies Innovation Lab, Indiana University

Rakesh uses technology to solve real human problems. Whether in the fields of cybersecurity and information security architecture, satellite networks, or the use of technology in disaster and humanitarian response, his work focuses on the intersection of people and technology. He is incredibly passionate about evangelizing the positive benefits of technology to humanitarians, businesses, and societies.

Romeo Durscher
Vice President of Public Safety, Auterion

Romeo Durscher is the Vice President of Public Safety at Auterion, the premier end-to-end operating systems for commercial drones, based on open-standards, flexibility and choices. Born and raised in Switzerland, Romeo came to Auterion after 6 years at DJI, where he built the public safety vertical and has become one of the most trusted global leaders and evangelists in small Unmanned Aircraft Systems integration and deployments. Prior to joining the drone industry, he spent 13 years at NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Robin Murphy
Raytheon Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Texas A&M University

Robin Roberson Murphy is an American computer scientist and roboticist. She is the Raytheon Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University. She is known as a founder of the fields of rescue robotics and human-robot interaction and for inserting robots into disasters. Her case studies of how unmanned systems under perform in the field led cognitive systems engineering researcher David Woods to pose the (Robin) Murphy's Law of Autonomy: a deployment of robotic systems will fall short of the target level of autonomy, creating or exacerbating a shortfall in mechanisms for coordination with human problem holders. Her TED talk “These Robots Come to the Rescue After a Disaster” was listed in TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking as one of the examples of a good TED talk. Murphy is also known for using science fiction as an innovative method of teaching artificial intelligence and robotics.

Rebecca Lehman
Social Impact Program Manager, DroneDeploy

Rebecca finds innovative ways to leverage technology in addressing social and environmental problems. At DroneDeploy she manages both the nonprofit and education programs. She works with nonprofits and social impact organizations to enable the power of mapping and new technology to reach those who need it most. She has a master's degree in Environmental Management from the Yale School of the Environment.

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