DroneDeploy.org Speaker Series: Forestry and Conservation

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October 12, 2022
Interested in mapping forest environments? This webinar will discuss best practices for utilizing drones in forested and other remote environments. Hear about work from the WWF-Brasil and One Tree Planted. Learn how to get the best map products, safely operate your drone, and analyze unique datasets. How to take-off and land in tropical forest environments. Basics of drone flight, including tips to avoid common mistakes. Best practices for mapping and 3D-modeling flights of forest environments. How to process your imagery into a map and 3d model for analysis Use cases and examples from nonprofits, NGOs and government.


Felipe Spina Avino
Biologist, World Wildlife Fund Brazil

Felipe is an experienced and dynamic Brazilian Biologist that has worked in multicultural environments in South America, Africa, and Europe. He also holds a master's in Education for Sustainability, with a focus on Climate Change, at London South Bank University, a "United Nations Regional Centre of Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development”. He currently leads the Conservation technology work in WWF Brazil, working mainly with Protected Areas, Biodiversity Monitoring, and Conservation Technologies in the Amazon and Cerrado (the Brazilian Savanna), often to support and build the capacity of Rangers, Indigenous, and traditional communities groups to monitor and protect their territories using technology.

Malcolm Porteus González
Tropical Agricultural Engineer, One Tree Planted

Malcolm is a Tropical Agricultural Engineer with a specialization in Agroforestry and Drone Mapping. Born in the Philippines with both a United States and Costa Rican citizenship, he manages One Tree Planted's large scale reforestation efforts in Latin America and the Caribbean. In Latin America, it is crucial to understand a wide array of ecosystems and projects such as mangrove, riparian, high altitude, forest fire recovery, wetland, high diversity and productive agroforestry systems. Introducing drones and remote sensing in an efficient way to complement Monitoring and Evaluation efforts for all projects is something that Malcolm is working towards with the rest of the OTP team. Site visits and drone workshops are an important part of his project management style to build trust and transparency with our planting partners.

Gunthar Hattig
Director of Product Design and User Experience, DroneDeploy

Gunthar has been working at the intersection of research, technology and design creating new products, services, and platforms for the last twenty years. He is excited about the real-world possibilities that site reality capture and scanning technologies have to help us understand, preserve, and restore our planet and its environment. He holds a BA in Anthropology from Pomona College and a MS in Information Design and Technology for Georgia Tech.

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