Awaken your Insights with DroneDeploy Stand Count

Learn how to map your field in minutes

October 12, 2022
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… stand counts were done manually! Luckily, we’ve moved past this time-consuming endeavor, empowering our farmers and agronomists with reliable, automated stand assessments through DroneDeploy. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to map fields in minutes — identifying variability, making in-field recommendations, and garnering a bird’s-eye view of your fields — all offline at the field’s edge. In this demonstrative webinar, we’ll discuss our tried-and-true best practices in order to fly, capture, and analyze your crop reports.


Stephanie Medrano
Product Marketing Manager , DroneDeploy

Stephanie is a Product Marketing Manager at DroneDeploy, with over 5 years of B2B marketing experience. Through her previous roles in the tech and food & beverage industries, Stephanie has been able to travel to various coffee plantations in Colombia, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico — witnessing firsthand the time-consuming, laborious farming practices. From these endeavors, she’s developed a passion for understanding what brings value to her customers and how agtech can transform their workflows.

Marissa Konicke
Product Manager, DroneDeploy

Marissa Konicke is the Product Manager for DroneDeploy's Flight app. With over six years of product development experience managing the complete lifecycle of numerous digital products across multiple industries, she focuses on using data to drive every decision and eliminating end users’ pain points. She has her Part 107 Remote Pilot certification, resides in Texas, and has a mechanical engineering degree from Rice University.

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