Automation on the Construction Job Site: The Future is Here

Watch the DDC20 Day 2 Keynote

October 27, 2020

Automation is one of the key strategic priorities for many construction firms. Autonomous drones and robots can keep people from having to perform hazardous work. They can also alleviate repetitive or low-value activities, freeing people to focus on higher value activities. Drones and robots can also be programmed to ensure repeatability and consistency in the processes they undertake and the data they generate.  

Automation Streamlines Construction Workflows

In this keynote presentation from DroneDeploy Conference (October 2020), Brasfield & Gorrie Boston Dynamics joins DroneDeploy in discussing a new workflow that combines the advantages of aerial drones and agile, mobile robots on construction sites.  

Watch the keynote to learn how Brasfield & Gorrie leverages Boston Dynamics’ Spot and DroneDeploy to conduct daily progress walkthroughs, identify and record issues, and fully document interiors and exteriors of their projects.


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