Extending the Value of BIM Throughout the Construction Lifecycle

Integrate planning with reality

Construction is complex since nearly every decision and action can have significant ramifications on the overall project. One seemingly small design change or mistake in measurement can impact a building's physical design as well as its functionality - negatively impacting project scope, schedule, and budget.Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions are designed to alleviate those issues with a tangible, 3D view into what a project will look like before construction even begins—and the impact when changes arise. But the value of BIM grows exponentially when it incorporates and adjusts to what is actually happening on the jobsite. It’s here where drone data solutions shine: drone maps, models, and analytics extend the value of BIM with a view of reality, helping project teams improve logistics and planning, identify emerging issues, and drive visibility and accountability for progress.Download this eBook to learn how drone data solutions extend the value of BIM throughout the construction lifecycle—from planning to maintenance and every stage in between.

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