Utilizing Drones Throughout the Construction Lifecycle: From Bid to Handoff

Our Big Book of Drone Use Cases in AEC

Whether fixed-wing or rotary, drones are taking over the construction industry at an alarming pace. In fact, according to an October 2018 report from Born to Engineer, the tool has experienced a 239% growth rate year-over-year – higher than any other commercial sector. And this is good news for both site technicians and project managers, as it means the technology is taking over time-consuming, dangerous, and laborious tasks so common to the industry, freeing up critical resources for design and analysis. At DroneDeploy, we’ve written extensively about the benefits of visual documentation and virtual inspections of your construction sites. So what are our most popular use cases? And how can drones be optimized throughout the build process for ideal results?In this eBook, you’ll learn how drones are best utilized throughout the construction lifecycle, including;Pre-Construction & ProcurementConstruction: Progress Tracking & Work ValidationPost-ConstructionHow to Get Started with DroneDeploy

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