DroneDeploy Deep Dive: Transforming Facility & Property Inspections with Drone Solutions

Experience The Benefits of Drone Technology For Your Organization

Since the pandemic started, most companies have had to reduce the number of workers they allow on site. But even with operations in flux, weather conditions and other natural elements haven’t stopped taking their toll on physical buildings and assets. In this new era of work, the need for quick, accurate inspections has been paramount.Many property and facilities management companies, therefore, turned to drones as the perfect socially distant worker. As these companies waited anxiously for operations to return to normal, they realized something surprising: drone solutions helped maintain their number of inspections, increased the number of properties they oversaw, and reduced worker's time in the field. Drones proved to be one of the rare ways companies could do more with less – all while keeping workers safe. Download our eBook to learn more about the benefits drone technology brings to property and facility managers.

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