The Digital Transformation Playbook for Utilities: Safeguard Assets & Minimize Risk

Use Site Reality to Coordinate Efforts Amongst Teams

Climate change is exacerbating complex utility challenges not uncommon to a warming planet, with serious environmental and financial implications. As we saw during Texas’ February 2021 power crisis, substantial disasters occur when dealing with an outdated and overwhelmed system. Besides the stark human impact, generous financial risks increase in likelihood with weather-induced shutdowns and fluctuating demand.To combat this, the digital transformation of the utility industry is imperative to long-term growth and operational success. Drone solutions not only expedite the inspections process, but offer a secure, centralized source for project documentation. Removing workers from hazardous asset management operations minimizes overall risk, and keeps power plants or grids within regulation. Combined with on-the-ground site reality or 360 cameras, this means a comprehensive, data-rich view of your site. In this eBook, you’ll learn about drone applications throughout the project lifecycle, including:Design & PlanningOperations & MaintenanceCompliance & SafetyHow to Get Started with DroneDeploy

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