Site Planning, Production, and Inspections:

How Drone Software and Data are Transforming Oil and Gas Companies

Drones have quickly become an indispensable tool for upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas companies of all sizes.But oil and gas companies are now realizing how important drone software is to their business—not just drones. After all, drones capture images, but it’s the software that analyzes the images, synthesizes data, and delivers the insights that enhance business decisions.As companies tap into the unprecedented insights, analyses, and real-time collaboration enabled by drone software and data, they are witnessing increased accuracy and operational efficiency across many business processes. Cloud-based drone software, in particular, provides fast access to data, enabling people on and off the field to collaborate and accelerate decisions.This eBook will discuss the key benefits of drone software for site design and construction; monitoring operations; and conducting inspections.

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