How Property and Facility Management Teams Leverage Drone Data

A 360-Degree Perspective

Property and Facilities Managers frequently juggle multiple projects and competing priorities. Whether performing regular maintenance checks, assessing weather damage, or removing potential hazards, time and resources are often spread thin. Eliminating the need for manual surveys and prioritizing safe, expeditious inspections can be instrumental in cutting costs and improving efficiencies across their portfolios. Drone technology is at the forefront of this effort, improving safety measures and ROI along the way.DroneDeploy provides user-friendly, practical solutions and centralizes them in-app for those in property or facility management. Real-time features like the Inspection Workflow and Live Map allow for quick, proactive decision making and are easily shared across teams, so managers can continue to remain within regulations. In this eBook, we will examine:Why Drone Data is Vital for Property and Facility Management Teams Best Practices for Building Maintenance: Roofs, Pavements, and Landscape How to Use Drone Data in Portfolio Management Tomorrow’s Use Cases

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