Performing Property Condition Assessments with Drone Software

Your How-To Guide on Roof, Pavement, and Exterior Inspections Using Drone Data

Exploring readily-available integrations is a major trend gaining traction within facilities management. Minimizing the number of platforms used and centralizing data sharing into one hub results in a comprehensive view of all of your organization’s properties. At DroneDeploy, we’ve integrated our software with roof, pavement, and facilities experts to better evaluate facilities portfolios. We offer one-click roof and pavement reports generated at your discretion, which not only streamlines operations, but also ensures that stakeholders and those off-site remain informed throughout every stage of the project. In fact, over a three-year period, McKinsey & Company reports that adopting various facilities integrations helps reduce department costs by over $150 million for global institutions.In this eBook, we’ll describe how to perform a property condition assessment with our drone software, including a step-by-step analysis of roof, pavement, and exterior inspections. You'll learn:Tips for Flying Properties from our Flight Services TeamHow to Analyze your Facilities Inspection ResultsAll About Roof Reporting, PCI Scoring, & Exterior Surveying with Drone InsightsHow to Get Started with DroneDeploy

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