Managing Rework: Conduct Inspections & Improve Communication with Drone Data

DroneDeploy's Streamlined Workflows Prevent Major Rework Costs

It’s no secret that rework presents a considerable driver to construction projections being over-time and over-budget. Technology companies have introduced numerous innovations to help construction firms mitigate rework. Chief among these technologies is drone data, which helps project teams identify issues more quickly and stay aligned. Unsurprisingly, drone software promotes efficiency, proper documentation, and an overall comprehensive view of your job site - minimizing the time spent correcting mistakes.DroneDeploy allows workers to conduct inspections and document problem areas with aerial intelligence, providing a defensible, visual record of proof of work done.Whether you’re looking into drone technology or already have an in-house program, this eBook will detail how to optimize your drone operations with our solution.In this eBook, we will examine:How Common is Rework?DroneDeploy’s Streamlined Workflows: Overlaying As-Planned to As-BuiltDocumenting and Sharing Site Issues360 WalkthroughObtaining Accurate Earthworks MeasurementsAchieving Earlier Resolution Results

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