Improve the Efficiency of Solar Farms with Ground Robots

How to Automate Maintenance Inspections to Save Time & Costs

The solar industry is booming worldwide, especially in the United States, where solar has experienced an average annual growth rate of 42% in the last decade alone. This growth is driven by climate goals, global pressure to transition to renewables, unprecedented consumer demand, and economies of scale. But according to the International Energy Agency, solar is now "the cheapest energy in history."Of course, this doesn't mean that the industry is without high costs or barriers to adoption. The installation of solar panels and fields still poses substantial financial and safety risks. However, we now have the technology to assist with these problems. Specifically, ground robotics helps commercial solar companies drive down costs and overcome some of their maintenance and operational challenges.In this eBook, you’ll learn:The significant impact of ground robotics on solar operationsThe benefits of using ground robots to inspect solar panels and assetsHow ground robots can save valuable time for employees How DroneDeploy helps you automate data capture with ground robots

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