How Robotic Automation is Transforming the Construction Industry

Benefiting from ground robotics & remote sensing through real-time data capture

The construction sector is struggling with a wide range of challenges, including cost and budget overruns, labor shortages, and on-site safety issues. Many of these problems have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.Fortunately, technology will help to solve many of these challenges in the next ten years. Drones are already used to capture aerial data on sites – allowing construction managers to speed up workflows, take accurate measurements, and reduce rework. And now we’re entering a new era: ground robotics. This technology will revolutionize construction management by enabling data capture from a whole new perspective – streamlining project management, improving quality control and documentation, and keeping workers out of harm’s way.In this eBook, you’ll learn:The role that ground robots play in constructionWhat data capture automation looks like at each stage of constructionThe benefits of using DroneDeploy’s robot automation capabilitiesHow the DroneDeploy Ground Robotics solution works

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