Facility Managers’ Best Kept Secret: DroneDeploy

A Guide to How Building Services, Facility & Property Managers Can Benefit from Drone Data

Inspections are critical for the safe and efficient functioning of any system, especially pertaining to facility managers and those in building services. But inspections are also rife with risk when it comes to safety and compliance codes. Because inspections illuminate potential risks and hazards to your building, you need solutions that help you drive consistency in documentation and provide in-action plans. Drones, as well as ground-based cameras and sensors, drive automation, accuracy, and efficiency, and are quickly becoming facility managers’ best friends.In this eBook, we will explore:Capturing a consistent set of inspection data quickly, accurately, and safelyDeveloping standard documentation for inspections that assess facilities and assetsBest examples of how to perform inspections for roof, pavement, and interiors

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