Drones in Oil and Gas

Pushing the Boundaries of Aerial Inspection with UAVs

Some of the largest oil and gas companies around the world deploy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), better known as drones, to address a wide variety of operational challenges. This rapidly improving technology, along with advances in big data and artificial intelligence, is poised to transform the O&G industry. That’s because the aerial intelligence provided by drones offers several key benefits, including making inspections safer and helping companies comply with regulatory requirements.In this primer we explore the role of drones in the oil and gas industry, sharing real-world examples of the innovative companies putting them to work to create a safer working environment and save millions of dollars in labor, remediation, and other costs.Download this eBook to learn:The key workflows where drones provide valueThe benefits drones deliver oil and gas companiesHow innovative companies are transforming operationsHow you can improve your processes and workflows with drones

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