All About DroneDeploy's Automated Stand Counts

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Let’s face it: conducting traditional stand counts is laborious, inefficient, and time-consuming. And relying on counts made by people with a tape measure and clicker-in-hand walking over plots of land made them prone to significant errors. Unsurprisingly, hundreds of DroneDeploy customers have identified stand counts as the number one challenge they face every season.Meanwhile, tools are getting more sophisticated, and agronomists, R&D scientists, and other agricultural professionals are using advanced technology like auto-steer planters to manage their yields. But, still, the manual stand count process makes it challenging to validate plantar pressure, spacing, and depth while correlating the data against yields. DroneDeploy has solved this problem with the introduction of its Stand Assessment solution. By combining DroneDeploy’s simplicity and ability to scale with Corteva Agriscience's machine learning and AI algorithms, we have unlocked a way to automate the stand count process. The solution even works offline and delivers results in real-time.This eBook will:Highlight the advantages of drone data for agricultural professionalsUncover insights around crop yields Deliver value to agronomists, farmers, producers, insurance, and research and development organizations

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