Drones in Construction Project Management

Learn how drones can help you keep construction projects on track and under budget

Most construction projects finish late and over budget. And it's no surprise. Managing the many moving parts required to take a construction project from start to finish can be challenging. That's where drones come in.Aerial photos, maps, and 3D models have the power to transform your workflow. Not only can drones save your team time and resources, but they also give you a rich set of data to help keep projects on schedule and under budget. If you are a project manager looking to bring drones to your job site, we’ve put together this primer to get you started.Download this eBook to learn:• Why drone-generated aerial imagery is a game-changer for the construction industry• Five everyday workflows that are a good fit for drone data• Favorite software tools and integrations used by construction project managers• How two major construction companies are putting drones to work today

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