Dock Shield by DroneDeploy

The world’s first security firewall for commercial drone hardware

Prevent cyber attacks on your drone. Stop data egress to anywhere but its intended destination.

Fortify your drone operations

(just like you do for your other IT and OT systems)
DroneDeploy has your drone data security needs covered.

All your reality capture data is already protected, encrypted and continuously monitored within DroneDeploy’s secure cloud.

With Dock Shield we extend this security beyond the cloud to your docked drone.

Leveraging network security tools that only permit connections to trusted, DroneDeploy-controlled US servers – on specific IP ranges – Dock Shield prevents drone control or data egress to anywhere or anyone except authorized users.

Automation meets simplicity (and security)


.…but when you’re BVLOS ready, so are we

Enable full automation for multiple flights a day with a remote pilot so you can expand how you use docked drones.

BVLOS not required…

Train your on-site team to become flight observers, freeing your reality capture specialist to set up flights without needing to drive to the site
(your IT team will thank you for)

Preemptive security

The most secure way to capture drone data. With DroneDeploy’s Dock Shield security offering, your data goes directly from the dock to trusted DroneDeploy servers in the U.S. via a secure tunnel.

High accuracy, by default

With DroneDeploy, you get the most consistently accurate data of any drone solution. Built-in RTK provides on-site GPS corrections, so every flight and every map processed is accurate by default.

One-click flight

One click and Dock Automation by DroneDeploy does the rest.

No charging, no batteries, no SD cards, no controllers – and no need to deal with takeoff and landing.

How does Dock Shield work?

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Secure connection

Dock Shield stops drone hardware from being able to communicate with the public internet – isolating network traffic to only DroneDeploy’s secure cloud servers.
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Network firewall

Dock Shield is implemented through a set of network firewall rules that allow the dock to connect securely to the DroneDeploy network using static IP addresses.

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Enhanced cybersecurity

Dock Shield automatically blocks unauthorized access attempts from unknown IP addresses, reducing the risk of data breaches and network compromises.

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Fully verified

Dock Shield is paired with a verification feature to ensure the dock is isolated.
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Fully certified

Dock Shield adheres to key industry standards, privacy regulations and certifications.

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Fully encrypted

Dock Shield encrypts all traffic between the drone hardware and DroneDeploy’s network, providing you with end-to-end encryption.

Pre-emptive security

(your IT team will thank you for)

Without Dock Shield

Your dock can connect with any endpoints on the internet

You have to update your dock and drone firmware from DJI’s servers

With Dock Shield

Your dock can connect only with DroneDeploy

Update dock and drone firmware securely from trusted DroneDeploy servers within the network range

You can be confident your data is only stored and accessible where you expect it to be

Security, simplified.

The DroneDeploy differentiator

Streamlined setup

DroneDeploy simplifies connectivity by offering simple configuration, easing the process for your team to connect seamlessly.

Verified security

Our solution undergoes rigorous independent evaluations by third-party experts, ensuring robust security measures are in place for your peace of mind.

The performance you expect

There is zero additional latency for the drone hardware.

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