The Reality Capture Playbook

A Guide for Oil & Gas Innovators

Oil and gas companies are under pressure to meet new energy demands and adopt more sustainable practices, all while maintaining healthy margins. How can they harness the latest technology to gain a competitive edge?

This guide unlocks the power of reality capture, AI and automation – tools that can help O&G businesses thrive in today’s changing world. Discover the unique workflows our customers use for sustainable, safe and profitable operations.

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Your guide to maximizing operational efficiency

Reality capture is drastically reshaping the O&G landscape. Early adopters are gaining big advantages:

An oil platform in the ocean at night

Accurate surveying and planning

Safer on-site work environments

Intelligent and predictive maintenance 

Entirely automated inspections

Less outages and downtime

Reduced methane emissions 

Full visibility of remote sites

A line drawing of Spot, the robotic quadruped.
Find out how to reap these benefits and maximize ROI from drones, AI and robotics.
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What will you learn?

Nasser Ghorbani
We deploy remote robots in O&G facilities, collect the data and push it to our cloud system or customer system to create dynamic digital twins of facilities.

Nasser Ghorbani



New Product Development Lead

Harness the power of reality capture in your business

Reality capture technology – including drone in a box, robotics and AI – is changing the way O&G companies monitor their sites and assets. 

It’s enabling entirely new workflows and remote operations, while improving both on-site safety and sustainability. 

Businesses that don’t adapt to this new landscape will be left behind. Learn how reality capture could transform your business with our free guide.
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