The Complete Guide to High-Accuracy Drone Mapping

When creating drone maps, accuracy is essential for making that map worthwhile. In this guide, we'll give you the tools, workflows and steps to achieve high-inch accuracy so that you can have full confidence in your aerial maps.

What will you learn?

Why high-accuracy is important

Gain complete confidence in map alignment

Provide clear progress reporting for key stakeholders

Align maps with the real-world so you can verify work

Easily share data with stakeholders

Simplified, yet accurate measurements and analysis

Determining the correct elevation via DroneDeploy tools was crucial, because if we were off by a few inches, we could’ve had a huge environmental disaster on our hands.

Wilson Haworth - Juneau Construction

VDC Manager

Unlock the power of high-accuracy drone mapping to your site

Drones are fast and efficient tools for creating 3D maps or models of job sites using overlapping georeferenced photos. But without accuracy, all you have is beautiful imagery – you miss the opportunity to do deeper data analysis.

Drone photogrammetry that achieves inch or sub-inch accuracy unlocks valuable use cases like earthworks measurements, QA/QC analysis and understanding change over time.

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