Introducing Concrete Sleeve AI Reports

Tap into intelligent reporting to identify critical issues before pouring concrete.

Leverage the power of AI project reporting to reduce risk and eliminate rework

Not having sleeves while pouring can result in costly repairs and significant time loss. By utilizing DroneDeploy's pre-pour analysis prior to construction pours, can help prevents expensive rework. 

Detailed analysis, scaled and powered by AI

Concrete Sleeve AI Reports analyze drone ortho maps of your site against a coordinated plan and deliver (within 2-4 hours) detailed analysis for the following conditions:

Elements that are observed to be missing

Elements that appear to be installed outside of tolerance (>6” or >150mm)

Elements that are installed, but not reflected on the drawing

Your new concrete sleeve AI report workflow


Once all elements to be analyzed are in-place in the field, you may fly your desired analysis area as usual in the DroneDeploy flight app. Make sure the deck has 50+ feet (15 meters) of clearance overhead.


Provide DroneDeploy with a composite sleeve drawing that corresponds to your pour area to be analyzed.


Share the project name and approximate date of your next pre-pour deck flight, so that we can add a trigger in our system to automatically analyze your reports.

On-demand webinar

Eliminate Rework by Leveraging Drone Data & AI for Pre-Pour Inspections

The results?

DroneDeploy will ready your .pdf report within 2-4 hours after uploading your map data.

The .pdf report will be delivered via email to the pilot and/or designated preferred point of contact.

Observed deviations will also be annotated on your DroneDeploy map issues.

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