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How Juniper Landscaping Uses Drone Data to Visually Document their Projects

December 7, 2020


largest construction and landscaping firm in the U.S.


annotations for Juniper's largest project

$500 million

project value for the World Equestrian Center

Juniper Landscaping knows the importance of documenting job sites all too well. With multimillion-dollar properties ranging from 10’s to 1000’s of acres, manually inspecting and recording progress is a time-consuming and tedious task. As the 19th largest construction and landscaping firm in the country, the company knew they needed to innovate in order to improve ROI and provide better service to their customers. In a sometimes-technology-averse industry, this was no easy task – especially with no examples from which to draw. After joining DroneDeploy in May 2019, Juniper Landscaping reduced their time spent on properties from weeks to hours. Most remarkably, this massive increase in ROI was done without having an in-house drone program. While DroneDeploy’s Flight Services managed the pilots and data collection, Juniper focused on their work. This data collection drastically improved site planning for landscape estimating, planning, maintenance, and more.

Integrating New Technologies in the Landscaping Business

Nobody knows the difficulty of introducing new technology to a traditional industry and garnering customer buy-in like John Dougherty, Vice President of Maintenance Sales at Juniper Landscaping. An over 20-year veteran in the green industry, John works with salespeople and homeowners associations throughout the state of Florida to better understand customer needs and industry trends. “A huge problem in this field is that knowledge goes and dies with whoever the maintenance team is on-site,” John explains, referring to the lack of information sharing and transparency between independent contractors and homeowners associations. Juniper Landscaping hopes to break this trend using DroneDeploy, by creating this pivotal information (3D models, maps, and more) for their clients. “We’re willing to pay to see that drone use is the wave of the future,” John states.

Viewed as highly adept in technology within their industry, Juniper Landscaping encourages their team to use drone data on select projects. Drone insights gleaned from digital reconstructions add value to client interactions and provides a clear, referenceable record of work. “Incremental improvements in landscaping aren’t usually seen day-to-day,” John says, “so seeing these changes visually after six months is crucial.”

Challenging Use Cases in the Field

When bidding on new jobs, Juniper Landscaping uses DroneDeploy’s cut/fill tool to manage earthworks. Not only does this save extra time and effort through labor costs, but it also allows maintenance and construction estimators to measure the property through annotations easily. One $500 million project – the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida – was entirely built with drone imagery and had over 1,200 annotations by the time they finished. These annotations allowed workers to completely break down a project so it was easier to dissect, including determining total square footage, applicable work, and exact cost of labor.

DroneDeploy allows us to share information with our communities, further building trust with our clients.

John Dougherty picture

John Dougherty, Vice President of Maintenance Sales, Juniper Landscaping

Finding Value in Flight Services

Because landscaping is often a manual enterprise, John enjoys using DroneDeploy’s Flight Services for on-demand drone capture. This way, they can receive the data they need without researching drone hardware or FAA regulations. “We want our workers to be focusing on the core parts of their job,” John explains, “not training them on drone technology.” Utilizing Flight Services for large properties is inherently cost-beneficial, as they can order flights as they see fit, without a large investment.

We would not have a drone program if it weren’t for DroneDeploy’s Flight Services.

John Dougherty picture

John Dougherty, Vice President of Maintenance Sales, Juniper Landscaping

Juniper Landscaping is now able to fly multiple locations with multiple pilots, something they could not have achieved internally. Currently, they’re continuing to tweak their standard operating procedures with DroneDeploy’s Flight Services to fit their client’s needs. John believes the verifiability of drone technology reassures clients that Juniper Landscaping performed a job well done.

If you want to learn more about drones in landscaping, read our article on drone use in gardening, or watch our webinar on getting started with drones in surveying. Interested in getting data captured on your site but don’t have a pilot? Contact [email protected].

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