Advancing Construction Analytics

Join us June 26-28 in Scottsdale

Advancing Construction Analytics returns for the 5th year to unite Data, Analytics, IT and Business Leaders from across the construction industry on a mission to enhance the power of advanced analytics for their firms. Understand how to better gather, integrate, structure, and utilize vast amounts of data to provide more valuable business insights and track better KPIs for predictive decision-making. This is the must-attend conference in 2023 for any technical or business leader looking to enhance their analytics capabilities and infrastructure, and bring valuable insights to their teams to make more informed decisions that will supercharge business success. With the industry now in a period of accelerating growth where contractors are fighting to increase their capacity, select the right projects, and build better client relationships, many of the industry’s leading contractors are harnessing advanced analytics capabilities to help them understand why they are winning to win more! Be the change-agent who will lead your firm into a new age driven by evidence-based decision-making, enabled by data science, and further accelerated by AI and machine learning.
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