Advancing Construction Technology

Join us Tuesday, Aug 23 in Chicago

2022 has been a time for contractors across the nation to refocus on driving internal efficiencies and optimizing project delivery services to come first in the race to win more work. Technology is playing a critical role in supporting the productivity, connectivity, and safety across all projects, but it’s about selecting the right tools and use cases to maximise ROI. That is why the 7th annual Advancing Construction Technology 2022 is set to connect hundreds of Technology, Operations, & Innovation Leaders from contractors nationwide to share the A-Z of the most impactful implementations revolutionizing connectivity, safety, and profitability at every stage of construction. From achieving interoperability to maximizing ROI of your existing tools and systems, you will learn from the honest experiences of leading industry practitioners and walk away with the insights you need to optimize your own technology strategy, sustain innovation, and enhance jobsite connectivity in the digital age.
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